VPN Risk to Surf on Internet

What Is The Risk To Use A VPN?

VPN has been used most widely nowadays due to the many benefits it serves. The most important of all the VPN benefits is that one can communicate safely over a network and can remain anonymous as well. But with all the benefits come few drawbacks as well that can potentially make it risky to use VPNs. Some of these pitfalls are described here.

The performance and reliability of the Internet-based VPN aren’t under the direct control of the business. It is suitable that the organization should depend on ISP that is offering VPN for keeping it running all the time. Here it becomes important that a service-level agreement is bargained with ISP, making a pact that guarantees different performance benchmarks.

Businesses don’t find it easy to create and deploy a VPN. This technology needs a high-level understanding of security issues and the network itself. Besides, careful configuration and planning are needed as well. Hence, it is considered advisable to go for an ISP that is ready to handle a major part of the operational chores of a VPN.

Another thing that makes VPN bit of a risk is that VPN solutions and products from different providers is not interoperable all the time, because there is inability or reluctance at the end of many service providers when it comes to adhering to the standards of VPN technology. Hence, mixing and the matching of equipment can result in certain technical challenges. Contrarily, if you choose to use equipment from a single supplier then it may push the costs up way too much.

When one uses VPNs with the wireless devices, they can be a potential security risk. Particularly, roaming between the access points may become problematic. The solutions relying on higher-level encryption can even break when the users are roaming across the access points. Fortunately, certain third-party products are out there for addressing this shortcoming.

VPN users can sometimes be the weakest links for these networks and become a risk. When an employee or remote telecommuter connects to his/her corporate office through VPN from his home computer or laptop, it can lead to security threats. There can be different applications for which the personal computer could be used by the employee besides connecting to the office. So, it makes the entire corporate network vulnerable to an attack due to security weaknesses at the employee’s PC.

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