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The Complete PureVPN Servers List

A VPN service is only as good as its servers and when it comes to the number – the more, the merrier. Based on PureVPN review mostly say that it does very well in this department, boasting over 2000+ servers worldwide. However, it is important to know how to pick the right server. In this text, we will go over ways to choose the fastest VPN servers, the qualities that make PureVPN servers different from the competition, and we will also take a look at its server locations.

Being able to choose the city or state can give you a little more control over where you connect within a country which can be a help with large countries like the United States.

For example, if you’ve lived in a Pacific area country and you wanted access to stream content from the United States, you would probably want to connect to a VPN server on the west coast of the US and not be sent to one on the east coast. Being able to select a state or city on the west coast ensures that your VPN path is shorter and thus more reliable.

The same can be said for those in Europe who want to connect to the United States to stream content. They will probably want to connect on the east coast for the same reason.

Being able to select the city or state gives you that ability. All that would be necessary to complete a connection to a VPN server in Georgia, given the above scenario is to click on the Georgia location.

The best way to choose the fastest server is to run a speed test. Usually, you have to use external apps in order to do so, but luckily, PureVPN has integrated a speed test tool into all of its apps. That way, it allows you to quickly detect and connect to the fastest server.

Regardless of the PureVPN package you choose, you can access all of its 2000+ servers. This is great news if you do not wish to invest in long-term subscriptions. You don’t have to pay more to get more.

PureVPN also brings you unlimited server switching. Once again, this is true for all packages. There is no speed throttling either, so you can enjoy both unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed. It is interesting to note that PureVPN operates servers in Africa. This is something we do not see often in VPN services and it is one of the great advantages of this VPN provider.

By subscribing to PureVPN services, you get access to over 80 000 IP addresses. What is even better, you can choose between shared and dedicated IP addresses, which are a possibility you do not always get with your VPN. No third parties have access to the data you transfer when using PureVPN servers. This is possible due to the fact that PureVPN has a self-managed network, which means that they are the only ones who get to handle the traffic.

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