PIA Most Downloaded in Canada

Why PIA Is The Most Downloaded VPN App In Canada

On this article, we will suggest the best VPN service for Canada like Private Internet Access. The first question that comes to mind, is why you would want to use a VPN in Canada? Well for one, there’s the obvious US blocked Netflix, Hulu and popular streaming services blocked or limited for us northern neighbors, but what about privacy and security?

Once a nation that stood strong for privacy and freedom of speech rights, has taken a sharp turn towards mass surveillance. Even copyright trolls are taking steps towards scaring Canadian subscribers by forcing ISPs to send out illegal downloading notices to torrent users. And, with the latest proposed Bill C-51, Canadians risk losing almost all privacy with online and mobile subscriber data.

As a Canuck myself, I selected the best VPNs for speed, coverage, security and stability. I know how much we love our winter sports, beer, and internet access! Using a VPN will encrypt your data, no longer allowing your internet provider or any surveillance group to see or collect any of your internet browsing data.

All while securing your network, and keeping your mobile devices safe on public Wi-Fi networks. Due to Canada’s notice-and-notice system regarding copyright infringement notification emails sent by ISPs, all providers suggest below are also P2P BitTorrent friendly.

PIA – Private Internet Access has been around for a long time, and cemented themselves as one of the most trusted VPN providers. With over 3000+ servers across 24 countries, they offer a respectable coverage of the most important locations. The service works well and provides good protection features.

The biggest advantage Private Internet Access offers is cost. If you find ExpressVPN to be expensive, you will be pleased with PIA’s yearly plans coming in at just over $3 per month. Being one of the cheapest yearly plans available anywhere, PIA allows 5 simultaneous connections, making them the best budget choice for Canadian families needing to connect multiple devices.

PIA claims they don’t log anything. If true (and we have no way of verifying this) it is to be applauded. VPN connections may not be logged but PIA necessarily must log some information in order to create user accounts and allow for client login to the website. They also ask for names and email addresses during online chat sessions and it is possible that this is recorded as well.

This is not an insurmountable problem as you can create an account with PIA using a name of your choice with a secure email address or disposable email address. You can protect your real IP while registering by using a proxy server or another VPN. You can also pay anonymously using BitCoin, pre-paid gift cards and other means.

As far as Canadian coverage goes, they have hundreds of servers located in Toronto, and North York Ontario, ensuring that you will have access to Canadian content while traveling, for example. They also provide a 7-day money back guarantee, allowing you to test risk-free.

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