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CyberGhost S.R.L. Is a Romanian based VPN supplier that first supplied their VPN systems to countries in Europe but then eventually branched out to some parts of Asia and America. It was founded in the year 2011 and offers the most secured security systems with its signature product, CyberGhost VPN, as the front line.

There are a total of 1329 servers that are covered in a total of 53 countries that you can access if you use this system. Pricing options would include Paypal, JCB, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Wire Transfer.


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Hot Features

What makes Cyberghost a high quality system is that it makes use of 256bit keys which is one of the best encryption bits there is. Also, the proxy utilizes its own system for security known as Anti-Fingerprinting. This is a method that was developed only by Cyberghost and is unique to their system only.

Some of the features that this system offers would be private browsing. With private browsing, you can protect your information from being spread online. This feature can also prevent malicious websites from appearing to your device. If you are about to enter a threatening website, Cyberghost will warn you right away so you can avoid going there. Cyberghost also allows you to unblock content that is usually blocked by your ISP by allowing you to access other IP addresses.

The Pros

The Cons

  • Very Easy sign up process without having to provide information
  • Patented Security Authentication Method
  • Reliable Threat Detector
  • Very User Friendly Interface
  • DNS leak protection
  • DD-WRT Support
  • No Logging Policy
  • Accessible on all devices and platforms
  • Free Version’s Connection Slows Down at Times
  • No Live Chat for Customer Service
  • No Port forwarding

Number of devices allowed & platform supported

For the Free package and Premium packages, you may only use the system on one device while the Premium Plus package allows you to use the system in 5 different devices. The system supports all types of devices ranging from iOs devices to Windows and even Linux. You can even use the system on mobile devices like iOS mobile devices and Android.

Customer support

With regard to customer support, the Cyberghost website does offer a tool that will solve your queries and concerns. As compared to using email support for customer service, this tool is actually more efficient and faster than an email support. Although the website does not have a 24/7 live chat system, the customer service tool is able to reply to the concerns and the queries of customers within 24 hours. Overall, the customer support of Cyberghost is quite average but still pretty efficient.


Cyberghost VPN service provider is a high quality VPN that come with good VPN software that is pretty easy to use. It has the potential to become people’s reliable VPN buddy.

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