3 cheapest vpn services in 2019

3 best cheap VPN services you can purchase for as low as 2.19$/month

Many of our reader and those who have stumbled across our website have asked which of the ones we’ve reviewed are the best and cheapest VPN services around. In other words which service promises to offer the best bang for your hard-earned dollars? Well, we have whittled down the list to just three of the very best that we think are worth considering. You have the option of simply choosing the one we rank as no.1 but make sure to closely consider the other two too. While the ones ranked second and third may not be as cheap, but they do offer features that you might find useful.

Without wasting any more of yo​​​​ur time let us dive right into our top 3 cheap VPN services.















NordVPN Review








  • Ultra Fast Speed
  • 2,000+ Servers
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • 5 Multi Logins


  • Use of Virtual Servers in some Countries

Fast servers

Available on up to 5 devices

2000+ servers in 141 countries

31-day money-back guarantee

  • Exceptionally easy to use

One of the biggest selling points for PureVPN is the fact that it is so easy to use. You don’t need to have any prior experience with using cheap VPN services, and neither do you need to know how everything works. Anyone can use it even if they have no idea what a server is! That’s one of the prime reasons why PureVPN has made it to our top three amongst other reasons.

  • Many Servers

When using PureVPN, we can assure you that you’ll never run out of servers. Apart from auto connecting to the best server you can choose a server from the map. For instance, Chinese users will find that it auto connects to servers in Hong Kong and Vietnam by default.

But you can choose a server in the US or Australia just as easily. Currently, the company has nearly 2000+ servers in more than 141 countries and 180 locations worldwide. Interestingly PureVPN also has servers in so-called suppressive countries too like China, Turkey, and Russia just in case you need them too.

  • Apps for All Popular Operating Systems

PureVPN is one of the few cheap VPN services we’ve come across that has apps for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. The applications for all three of these operating systems work similarly and are easy to use. What’s more is that during our testing we found absolutely no lag or other bugs associated with the software which is rare.

  • Great Speeds

We love the fact that PureVPN is able to sustain decent speeds regardless of which VPN server you connect to. There is a mere 10% decline in speed which is negligible if you’re using a broadband connection which most people reading this article should already have.

  • Buy Add-ons

Another unique aspect of PureVPN’s service is its add-ons. You can add features like a dedicated IP and a firewall if you so, please. Yes, they cost extra, but for anyone who wants to take one extra step in ensuring their safety online, it is worth the price.

Plus, it is always good to have a few additional options on the table for when you need it. However, we weren’t able to test the dedicated IP or the firewall feature, but we assume that it should work reliably as the rest of the service.

  • Great for Running Torrent Downloads aka P2P File Sharing

We tested the PureVPN using uTorrent, and it worked perfectly. We admit the speeds weren’t as high as when we used it without PureVPN but then again that’s the price you pay for anonymity. After the recent spate of notices being sent to people downloading otherwise copyrighted material from torrent websites, it’s better to have a VPN in place to protect your identity.

Rated #2


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Traffic Logs
  • 10 Devices Simultaneously
  • 3341+ Servers in 32 Countries


  • No Live Chat

Instant activation

Available on up to 10 devices

3341+ servers in 32 countries

7-day money-back guarantee

  •  3341+ VPN Servers

The 3341+ VPN servers based in over 32 countries across the world means that there are always servers with less load and better speed available. What’s more is the fact that having an increasing number of servers makes it possible to stay anonymous regardless of what type of content you access. The ISP can’t use tracking software to try and profile your VPN usage.

  • Excellent Access Speeds

In our tests, we found that the performance was consistently high across all international servers. Generally testing from the US means that servers in all other countries off the content like those in the Asia Pacific and Australia may be slower. While there is a slight slow down in speed when accessing these so-called overseas servers, it is negligible, unlike many other VPN services we’ve tested. It was honestly not something we were expecting from a low-cost VPN service.

  • Customize the Way you Connect

The other reason why Private Internet Access is such a big deal is that of the customization options. You can customize how your desktop connects to the VPN servers. Home office users can also have it secure their WiFi network automatically. So, anyone who is connected is secure as their real IP is behind an encrypted firewall.

  • Excellent Adblocking

Finally, it offers adblocking in a budget-friendly VPN service package. However, you’ll need to actively turn on adblocking which is turned off by default if you want to use it. Once that’s done you can even enjoy ad blocking on your iPhone, MacBook, Windows computer, etc.

Rated #3


  • 5575+ Servers Worldwide
  • No Logs Policy
  • 6 Devices at the same time
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • No Port-forwarding

iOS and Android Apps available

Available on up to 6 devices

5575 servers in 60 countries

30-day money-back guarantee

Let us start by addressing the elephant in the room which is the price. Yes! Out of the top 3 cheapest VPN services, this is the most expensive. However, that’s the reason why it is in our no. 3 spot and not no. 1. NordVPN is without a doubt one of the best VPN services out there and had it been a dollar cheaper per month we would have considered it for our no. 1 spot. The service offers an array of options that are simply not available at this price point.

  • The Only Cheap Service with Obfuscated Servers

Obfuscated servers are a big deal for us, and that’s something we talked about at length in our full review. The fact is that you don’t find the obfuscated servers feature in even more expensive VPN services. You’ll have to scale up to get a professional level VPN service costing several hundred dollars a year for this feature. It is by far the best way to circumvent censorship because it can’t be traced by even government operated ISPs like the ones in China and Iran.

Also, the connection is forms is much more secure than a regular VPN tunnel because ISPs have no idea what the real IP of the server or the client is which makes it impossible to trace. So, ISPs aren’t even suspicious that you’re using a VPN, to them you don’t even exist.

  • Streaming from Geo locked Locations

Easily stream live from geo-locked websites like Hulu and Netflix. You can also download shows and other programming from websites like Amazon Prime. The SmartPlay feature gives you access to over 150 streaming services which may be otherwise restricted. Also, smart optimization means that you won’t even notice the apparent slowdown associated with connecting via a VPN.

  • Increasing Number of Servers

Unlike other budget-friendly VPN services NordVPN’s list of high-speed servers is increasing. They boast of having well over 5575+ servers based in over 60 countries. Having servers in so many countries means that they are beneficial to people everywhere as they can easily hop from one location to the next without compromising speed. Also, there is always a server that’s working optimally whenever you need it.

  • Encrypted Proxy Extensions

NordVPN is the only or at least amongst the first in our opinion to introduce encrypted proxy extensions. The extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome. The way this work is to encrypt information that’s sent to a proxy server which makes it difficult for hackers and ISPs to eavesdrop on.

  • AdBlocking Features

Professional Grade adblocking means that you don’t have to use a separate adblocker. Plus, a new feature by the company protects users from dangerous websites and will prevent ads from popping up. We have found the adblocker to be very accurate in 99% of the cases.

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Above is our pick of the top three VPN services that in our experience will provide you with the best value for money. Each one has its own set of pros and features which make it worth considering. However, they are all exceptionally affordable especially if you buy the long-term plan. Though the trick here is to use it for a month and then subscribe to a long-term plan if you like it. If not simply move to the next one on our list.