With the help of VPN software, you are allowed to join the private networks in a way that you are sitting at some computer that is part of that network. It allows you to access shared folders as well as lots of handy stuff. Here is some of the best VPN software that you can use.


OpenVPN is a VPN server that is open source and can be set up quickly to use with the similar sort of VPN clients.

Configuration files can be easily exported from the software, and you can import them to different commercial and open source clients. It integrates into different router firmware packages like OpenWRT, Tomato, and DD-WRT.

It integrates into different router firmware packages like OpenWRT, Tomato, and DD-WRT.

Cisco VPN

Cisco VPN has highly saturated market when it comes to educational and corporate environments and, in many cases, people who experience VPN do it through this sort of exposure.

Prices for running Cisco VPN can vary to a great extent, and you would not be able to get some accurate figure without having the quote from the company.

However, end users can still be able to download VPN clients available for free from Cisco to use for Mac and Windows. But people often complain that free VPN from Cisco doesn’t support 64-bit OS.

LogMeIn Hamachi

The strongest attribute that LogMeIn Hamachi carries is that it is easy to use. If you are not willing to have any contract for corporate VPN setup or want to avoid the hassles involved in configuring several routers through open-source packages and you are only looking to setup simplest of virtual networks with your friend.

Your office, or your phone then Hamachi can be deployed almost instantly. You will just have to install Hamachi client software on every device and machine that is intended to be connected to the network.

Now add these devices and machines to Hamachi VPN. That’s it; you are through! It’s as simple as that.

One downside of using this software, if you are really concerned, is the fact that you cannot manage the VPN locally as Hamachi manages it centrally through their servers.

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