It has always been a major concern for savvy internet users to hide their IP address. There have been debates that which can be the best way of hiding IP address as well. With the passage of time, many new ways of achieving this goal have been devised and here are some of them which can work be.

How to Prevent Identity Theft?

Proxy servers have arguably been the most common source of hiding the IP addresses. Proxy servers are computer networks that offer network connectivity indirectly enabling users to gain access to different network services like web content.

You can say that these servers become the intermediary between the website and you. Your request is sent to the proxy server which is then sent to your desired service provider or target content as if it is from the proxy server, fetching the content that is sent to you then.

Target server considers the proxy server to be the one who requests, and you stay hidden. Some of the proxies are available for free, and you can use for anonymous surfing whereas premium services are offered by others with higher anonymity level.

Browser Proxy Settings for Hiding IP

Proxy settings of the browser can be changed for hiding IP address as well. It is also amongst the best and most commonly used techniques for hiding IP address. Many proxy providers are out there, including Google, who offer proxy services via browser configuration.

VPN Service for Hiding IP

VPN uses internet or some other intermediate network for connecting to a remote network which is not accessible otherwise. VPN offers security that isolates traffic that is flowing through the VPN connection. VPNs can turn out to be amongst the best sources of hiding IP addresses, surf anonymously, and protect one’s personal data. VPNs can keep you protected at a low price compared to private networks.

Using TOR for Hiding IP

TOR, aka ‘The Onion Router’, is an internet system to enable online anonymity. It hides the IP address and routes the connection via complicated servers’ series throughout the globe. TOR is amongst best ways of hiding IP addresses and staying anonymous.

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