Most internet users already know that by the main advantage of having a VPN is internet security, making all private information you may have shared online protected.

But there are a lot more to that, some of the BEST perks many VPN users already enjoy are: fast internet connection, unlimited bandwidth, securing public connection, unblocking content, and anonymous online browsing.

While most pros and cons are already in the fine print of every website offering premium VPNsthe pleasure of knowing what VPN offers and discovering it yourself is all the more satisfying.

To help set the course out for your VPN journey, check the list below.

THE TOP 5: These are the most known uses of VPN and what’s commonly written on every VPN subscription fine prints.


Most of us know that the internet has been changing for the past five years. Websites get fancier while games get more elaborate. All these improvements lead to people being engaged more online and let’s face it, for us to enjoy this we need a faster and more stable internet connection.

Local ISPs fall short at some point in offering reliable internet connection given the fact that the more customers they get their servers get too much data back and forth in one go which leads to their subscribers getting a slow connection.

Premium VPNs, on the other hand, have a wide variety of servers to choose from, some offer hundreds of them to their subscribers. This enables customers to choose a specific server that they felt is faster on their current location, this way VPN subscribers are not sharing one server.

This means that VPN connection would be more stable and faster. Fast internet connection also meant for a more enjoyable internet browsing experience; you can browse fast through those heavily animated websites and play smoothly those (almost close to real life) 3D games.


We used the internet now for a lot of things; some used it for work, like sending important files to colleagues, exchanging emails, and arranging online meetings. Some used it for school purposes, researching for answers on homework and projects, even tests are done online.

While most knew already the power of the internet, some also used it for leisure. You can basically do a lot of fun things online too; you can sign up on famous social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and connect with friends, families, and colleagues. You can go to several websites to watch movies, play songs, and even play games!

Most local ISPs have a limit on the amount of data you used on your internet subscription. They do this so that their customer gets a “fair share” of internet usage. The downside of this is that customers experience speed throttling which meant that the speed of their current internet connection get slower if they go over the allowable usage.

Premium VPNs do not have data limits, and because VPN subscribers do not share their connection on one server there would be no throttling whatsoever. This meant that you can use the internet for downloading large files or stream movies and TV series without the hassle of ISPs slowing your connection down.


Now, most of us prefer internet on-the-go, given the fact that all of us don’t stay at home all the time. Some people have mobile phones with them or tablets when they want to connect online while away from home.

Mobile ISPs have limited data plans and are mostly not as fast as home ISPs. Since mobile ISPs are not that stable some resort to public Wi-Fi connection, yet we all know how secure connecting to public Wi-Fi is.

Connecting with a premium VPN using your mobile device connecting to a public internet connection would be the best bet if you want your internet activity secure. Not only that, you can also connect to different servers on different location around the world so your activity will remain anonymous.


As what was discussed above, we basically need the internet for work, school, and leisure.

Sometimes though, there were certain things that stop us from doing so.

Some of you may be aware that when you go to school and access the readily available internet connection there, some websites are blocked. Same goes with certain institutions, or even countries.

You do not need to worry about that one though as long as you have a secure VPN connection. With this, you can bypass the restrictions and go online without any hassles.


One of the top most priorities of VPN subscribers is security, knowing that all internet activity would remain private.

A lot of things can happen while you’re online; people may get your private information saved using phishing emails or websites. Logs of social media chats and email threads may get saved without you knowing. We do not want this to happen, and while this may not happen all the time it is still best to make sure that you won’t be falling into traps mentioned.

VPN subscriptions enable you to browse online anonymously. Your private information will not be processed on local servers which meant that all of your information sent online will be kept private.

THE OTHER TOP 5: These are the less known uses but nonetheless nifty things you can do with your VPN subscription.

If you choose not to create an account, the identity theft report and recovery plan will have to be printed. Interestingly, things move a lot easier if you know who the identity thief is. However, it is not mandatory but what is mandatory is reporting the crime.


We sometimes need to share large files online to colleagues, friends, and families. While we know that some information we get online may have a certain restriction in terms of “file sharing” with a VPN subscription, you can send these files without anyone keeping track.


People like to travel, and when the need for connecting to family members and friends– data roaming may get costly. With VPN subscription you can simply choose a server listed under your native location so you don’t need to purchase data roaming. You don’t need to also worry using certain apps since they will not detect that you’re outside of the country. It’s like browsing at home away from home.


You probably know by now that if the internet connection is not secure everything you do online might get saved or tracked, that includes VOIP. Since VOIP uses your local connection, it is vulnerable to internet hacking. With VPN subscription you can make all VOIP calls anonymous.


Like what was mentioned a couple of times here, you can browse anonymously online using your VPN subscription. This way you will be sure that no one would try to track your internet activity and that adds up to make sure that you were always secure whenever you go online.


VPN subscriptions only cost around $3 to $10 depending on the inclusions and this would be considered cheap on top of your local ISP subscription as you do not need to buy additional internet protection software. With making sure that all your information were kept private means that you would not find yourself a victim of credit card theft and lose thousands of dollars.

BONUS! Here are other fun ways to use your VPN subscription.

  • Use Netflix and Spotify while traveling around the world by changing your IP location back to your hometown address!
  • Playing Pokemon Go? Catch those rare ones by changing your IP

While most of the things mentioned here were the most common, pretty sure there would be niftier uses of having VPN connection and it would be up to you on knowing some of them. After all, it’s much fun figuring it out on your own.

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