PureVPN Review


PureVPN Review

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PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and has been serving the growing VPN demand since 2007. Because of their strong experience in the market place, they have widened their customer base and has expanded their horizon to over 500 servers in 141 countries all over the world.

With its primary product, PureVPN offers solutions for secure anonymous browsing, fast downloading, website bypassing on strong servers with high bandwidth capabilities.


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Hot Features

One of the great things about PureVPN is that there are five protocols that users can choose from in the event that one of the “tunnels” do not work. These five protocols are L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, IKEV2, and OpenVPN. If one of the protocols does not function on your end, then you may choose the others. Backing up these five protocols are 500+ different servers that you can choose from. If you prefer, you can switch back and forth from these servers.

An another great feature from PureVPN is the Split-Tunneling feature that let the users to choose the most suitable server depending on the user’s chosen activity, be it gaming, streaming, or torrent downloading.

PureVPN also allows users to have high-speed data transfers which mean that users will have the joy of accessing data without having to wait too long. PureVPN also has a feature known as the Internet Kill Switch which can halt all the traffic if ever your connection is unstable. This is to ensure that your identity can’t be stolen if the connection with the VPN server is cut. With regard to a faster internet connection, PureVPN can also be connected to your router so that you can have faster internet connection.

PureVPN utilizes a 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest security encryption, so that you will have a safe browsing experience.

Moreover, PureVPN offers more than 150 methods of payment which include Mastercard and Visa, Bitcoin, Paypal, and much more. This is more than what other VPN providers would offer and will make things much easier for the users.


The Pros

  • Offers many different payment methods
  • Compatible with almost any routers
  • Is very affordable
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat support
  • Includes a 7 day money back guarantee
  • Has User Friendly Interface
  • Supports DD-WRT
  • Allows users to switch servers anytime
  • Does not log any of your data
  • Strong 256-bit Encryption
  • Internet Kill Switch feature
  • Split-Tunneling Tool
  • Dedicated Apps available (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)
  • Port Forwarding feature

The Cons

  • Does not provide a Free Trial
  • The 7 day money back guarantee has a restriction of 500 mb usage

Number of devices allowed & platform supported

PureVPN allows you to connect to 5 devices at one time and supports almost all devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS devices, Mac devices, Windows, and iPhones.

Customer support

I would definitely applaud the customer support of PureVPN. First of all, they have a live chat support system that is very fast in answering all concerns and issues. The chat support is also open 24/7 which means that you will have no worries if ever you want to contact them. Aside from the live chat system, there is also a FAQ page that gives detailed answers of all frequently asked questions. There is also a forum page where users can help each other should they have any problems or concerns with regard to the software. I would say that the customer support of PureVPN is one of the best in the VPN market.


PureVPN offers great basic features that most people would expect from a normal VPN provider. Users are able to anonymously browse the internet using the different servers around the world that PureVPN provides. With these servers, users are able to access all kinds of information that they can’t usually get their hands on. I would give the customer support of PureVPN a high rating for being able to always satisfy their customers and address all of their concerns efficiently. With this, I would give the overall PureVPN experience a complete 9.0. To check out the breakdown of the scores, scroll below to see the individual ratings.


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